Member Testimonials
31121 Mission Blvd #298
Hayward, CA 94544
June 18, 2001
Sharyn Abbott
Elite Leads Networking
1630 North Main Street #439
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Dear Sharyn,

Attending Elite Leads made all the difference in the world in getting my business up and running almost five years ago. Your unique method of "Power-Partners" helped me to:

    • broaden my view of networking, 
    • establish many meaningful and lasting Business relationships 
    • grow my business beyond my wildest dreams.
Your own knowledge of both the business arena and business related events added to the value of each meeting of Elite Leads.

Thank you for envisioning such a worthwhile, practical, and productive method of networking not only for growing new businesses, but for strengthening established businesses as well.


Jacqlyn Freitas


June 7, 2001

Dearest Sharyn Abbott-

I wanted to express my appreciation for Elite Leads Networking. When I first attended a meeting, I had never spoken in front of a room of business people before. I literally built my business in Elite Leads. I got to teach several workshops for them, which got me comfortable with standing at a podium. I now facilitate seminars worldwide! I also built my coaching business from all of the leads generated at these meetings. I've made life long friends with the members that continue to bring joy to my life. And Sharyn, you personally have been committed to my success. Your heart and soul fill Elite Leads.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jeanna Gabellini, MCC, CPPC
MASTERPEACE Coaching & Training



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June 10, 2001

Sharyn Abbott
Elite Leads

Dear Sharyn,

Iím writing to let you know what a difference you and your groups have made in my personal and professional life. Itís been almost six months since I joined Elite Leads and I would say the biggest result Iíve seen is in how I view myself as a professional and therefore how I act with other professionals. 

Six months ago I didnít think I measured up to my perception of other professionals. But through your continuous and consistent support, I now feel and act like the professional I really am. The tools you have provided me and the other members have been your:

  • web page listing a plethora of information we can use to network,
  • coaching us to present ourselves and our business in a concise, professional manner that catches othersí attention, 
  • sharing with us your story of step-by-step success, and 
  • direction and advice in how to market ourselves as public speakers, as well as your invaluable feedback on our actual presentation.
The specific results Iíve produced that I attribute to being in Elite Leads thus far include:
  • two new clients,
  • many referrals that may turn into clients,
  • a speech I can give as a way of marketing myself, and
  • a speakerís flyer as a marketing tool.
The major change in my behavior is that I am now investing more time in marketing and networking than I ever have. 

You are a great coach, as you believe in us and continuously coach us and share with us all your resources that enable us to be the successful entrepreneurs we truly desire to be. I have truly "stepped up to the plate" because of my meeting you and being a member of Elite Leads. Thank you.


Robin Gurse
Business and Professional Coach

June 11, 2001

Sharyn Abbott
Elite Leads Business Development
1630 N. Main Street #439
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to be part of Elite Leads since August of 2000. I have taken advantage of the leads meetings, workshops, sales training and about to participate in the speaking training. The sales training gave me the preparation I needed to make a sale that I would have been ill prepared to make otherwise. I also really appreciate the events calendar that you put on the newsletter and online. I have taken advantage of many community events as a result of the time you have taken to organize them. The website is fantastic--a rich resource.

The people I have met have been genuinely interested in furthering independent businesses in the area and have helped me very much. I have been able to speak to highly placed individuals that I would never have had access to without a referral from an Elite Leads associate. I have also been able to work with several associates who are in companies I wanted to do business with. We have been able to work together for mutual benefit. That is very different from some of the other groups I have been involved in that do not have as much of an emphasis on COOPERATION. 

Last, but not least, I think that your expertise in business has been crucial for me. The way that you talk about going about succeeding in business has definitely "rung true" for me and it has given me insight it would have taken precious time to glean.


Lively Bookkeeping Services
3557 Perada Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

June 14, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I have nothing, but good memories of my experience participating in Ms. Abbottís Business Primer Support Group in 1999. I was very impressed with the way the Support Group meetings were structured such as making time for individual sharing and goal setting as well as general discussion of business issues, etc. As an entrepreneur I have often found that I lack any support and guidance in running my business. Well, for me, Ms. Abbottís Support Group and tools filled this missing gap. I received a tremendous amount of support, guidance and accountability while participating in the Business Primer Support Group. I was also very impressed with the workbook that Ms. Abbott provided, "Create Your Own Reality". This tool was tremendously valuable in assisting me in getting a new perspective on my business. I would highly recommend the Business Primer Support Group to anyone starting a new business or anyone who already has an established business and who wants support in reach their business goals.


Jennifer Lively, Owner

Elite Leads Testimonial

As an Elite Leadsí member since 1998, Riley Design Associates has received significant value through its involvement in Elite Leads. 

More than a lead source and networking organization, Elite Leads has provided my company with invaluable professional resources that have enhanced our services and support to both our clients and employees. 

From workshops to lead generation, Elite Leads has been an integral part of RDAís sales and marketing plan.

Ken Madsen
Riley Design Associates, LLC

Jeffrey A. Rubin
1517 Buckeye Court
Pinole, CA 94564
510/724-9507, phone 510/741-8698, fax

June 11, 2001

Sharyn Abbott
Elite Leads Networking
1630 N. Main Street, #439
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Dear Sharyn,

When we met early in 1993, my business was struggling. Today, eight years later, my business is thriving. I attribute much of my success to the people I met and the networking techniques I learned at Elite Leads.

For years Elite Leads was my primary source for business referrals. I made many good contacts and my business grew each year I was in the group. Iím proud to say that through Elite Leads Iíve made relationships, both business and personal, that will last a lifetime.

I wish you the best of success as you begin franchising Elite Leads. Itís a great resource for the business community.


Jeffrey A. Rubin

Bradley K. Warren and Associates, Inc.
5320 Proctor Lane 
Castro Valley, CA 94546

June 14, 2001

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Sharyn Abbott of Elite Leads, who I have known for over 6 ½ years. I first met Sharyn when I joined Elite Leads, back in September of 1994. I was an entrepreneur and sole proprietor looking for ways to expand my business of coaching and training. Over the years, I have been very excited about the leads I have gotten as a result of being in the group, as well as the leads I have given to others. Nothing is better than having my friends do business with my friends. In addition to the economic impact that Elite Leads has had on my business, there is also the training and other services that Sharyn offers. As a direct result, for instance, of subscribing to the San Francisco Business Times (at Sharynís suggestion and using the free trial subscription that is available through Elite Leads) in one year alone I can attribute over $15,000 in new training business to the leads I got through the newspaper. In fact, one of my current clients gained through this method just had me do a program in the Bahamas! I have also had the opportunity to present workshops myself to other Elite Leads members, thereby giving back something to them in return. So between the networking, the educational activities, the leads, the training, and all the other resources that Sharyn provides to her members, I have been ecstatic about my participation in the group. 

One final note. In the current economy, with more and more people becoming entrepreneurs and sole proprietors and striking out on their own by establishing their own businesses, groups like Elite Leads are even more important than before. Many of these people have never been in business for themselves and havenít the foggiest notions about what it takes to start, build and maintain a new business. Elite Leads has the structure, the format and the resources to help these people get their businesses up and running and help them keep running. I highly encourage you to support Elite Leads by whatever means you have at your disposal. Feel free to contact me in person if you have any questions or need further information. Thank you.


Brad Warren